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Berardi CPA has an experienced team ready to help meet your needs.  With all the experience on our team we are able to meet any assurance services need. We will work with you to determine which of our assurance services is right for your business. We serve clients in various industries and size; please see our clients and industries page for further detail.   

The following is a listing of assurance services we provide: 

Auditing Services- Our team will perform a full financial statement audit and work with you every step of the audit process.  Our team also can provide an audit of internal control over financial reporting.  An audit provides reasonable assurance that the financial statements are fairly presented. An audit can assist your business to obtain financing, adhere to reporting requirements, assist management in making key business decisions, and provide insight on your business to a potential investor.  Our audit team will work with you every step of the way, as we gain an understanding of your business and conduct a risk based audit approach.   

Review Services- If your company does not need a full audit and only a review, contact us today to see how we can help you.  A review provides limited assurance that the financial statements are fairly presented, and is not as detailed as a full audit.  A review primarily consists of inquiry, and analytical review.  If you are unsure as to if your business requires an audit or a review, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you. 

Compilation Services- A compilation does not provide any assurance that the financial statements are fairly presented.  A compilation consists of compiling financial data provided by management of the business in the form of financial statements.  Contact us today if you have any questions on our compilation services.   

Other Assurance and Consulting Services 

Forensic Accounting- Let one of our team assist your business in a fraud investigation or lawsuit.  We can assist in providing forensic audit services, fraud investigations, construction of accounting records or financial statements, cash flow analysis, insurance settlement analysis, bankruptcy assistance, misappropriation of assets review, fraudulent financial reporting investigation, and expert witness testimony services.  Our team will conduct inquiries, review source documents, and perform analytical procedures, and then put together a report of our findings, which will assist you in your forensic accounting matter.   

Business Valuations- If your business needs a valuation for tax, sale, or investor purposes, contact our team today.  We will work with you to provide an objective opinion of your business value, from a qualified professional source.  Our team will analyze your business data and current market conditions, and then perform valuation techniques to provide you with a detailed valuation report.  Our business valuation reports may assist you for specific tax reporting requirements, litigation support and merger and acquisition activity.  If your business is considering purchasing another business, or selling your business, we can assist in providing an objective valuation report.  Contact our team today for additional information. 

Internal Controls/Internal Audit Consulting- Our team can work with your business to assist you in developing and implementing internal controls.  We will work with you in order to gain an understanding of your business and then assist in developing and implementing an internal control program that is both effective and efficient.  We also will continue to work with you and monitor the internal control environment and provide analysis and testing of internal controls as needed, after the internal control program is in place.  If your business already has an internal audit department, we can work with you to provide recommendations, which will help your business to achieve a more effective and efficient control environment.  We also can review the work of internal audit as needed.  We also provide outsourced internal audit services if needed.  Our team will perform full internal audit procedures for your business, which will allow management the ability to concentrate on business operations and resources, while maintaining a sound control environment.  Please contact us for more information.   

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